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Tanya A
Campbell, CA

We brought our truck to joe with a few good sized shopping cart and door dings. Being on a tight budget we only planned to have a couple of them removed. After leaving the truck with joe he wound up removing the original 2 and then a 3rd dent at no extra charge.

His work is very precise and undetectable. I highly recommend this for all your dings and dents to be removed!

Dan H.
Los Gatos, CA

These guys rock! They removed two door dings(really one was a good sized dent) one which was in a difficult spot and you really can’t tell they were ever there. They even took care of a factory sheet metal problem and didn’t charge me for that. Also they buffed out a scratched up bumper at no cost. I was out for less then $160.

I’ll take my other vechile there soon.

Tee K.
San Jose, CA

I had a few dings and dents fixed here a little while back and came because the reviews were great…maybe Joe was the guy that did great work but i had another technician and made sure and asked if these little dings and dent would come out unnoticeable and he said yes…well when it was fixed the dents were out but i could still see traces of them….I read all the reviews about people bringing their classic cars and how good the work was here..I was a little unhappy by the quality of work that i got and thought that the money i paid(which wasn’t very cheap) would have given me better results…If my dings would leave a trace or little imperfections i wish i would have just been told that..i understand everyone’s standards are different but by the research i have done i think my car should have come out better…I also know dealing with customers is a pain sometimes also but i just cant recommend this shop and will not be coming back.

John T.
Redwood City, CA

I just had a major dent in the hood of my 2011 BMW 335 fixed by Joe at Dings & Dents in Campbell. Repair done while I waited. I do not know what caused the dent, but it was right on a crease in the hood. Fantastic repair at a reasonable price. Absolutely no sign of the reapir.

C K.
San Francisco, CA

My very first review on Yelp goes to Joe Currin. He is the master of dings & dents. Believe me, his work is truly amazing!!

Some oblivious person dented my car on the A-pillar of the driver side. It’s an unusual location for a dent. I kept thinking that panel is very strong and yet it got dented. I’m still curious to this day how on earth that person did it. I love my car & it is fairly new, I had to fix it.

Since there was no paint damage, a friend told me ‘PDR’ (Paintless Dent Removal) method would probably work. I did my work searching on the internet & calling for reliable PDR people for a whole week. Most of them told me I had to go to a body shop to fix it. The dent was like a crease, plus it was on a very difficult spot, where there is no access for them to go behind it & massage the metal. Some told me they had to drill behind the door to get access. I didn’t like the idea of drilling. There is a chance the car may get rust from the drilling spot. I didn’t want to go to a body shop either. It will be more expensive and more complicated work (they need to put filler, sand & re-paint the whole panel). Try not to mess with factory paint if possible. No matter how good the paint job is, over time you will see the difference.

I found Dings & Dents via Yelp. Reviews are really helpful, that’s why I’m writing one now. I emailed Joe some photos of the dent. He said it was a tough dent, but he could fix it. He wanted to see the car to examine the actual dent to be 100% sure. Since I live in San Mateo, Joe asked me to come to his body shop. Tell you what, the 1 hour drive to Campbell is so worth it!

I met Joe, he’s nice & professional. He explained to me about the process. He will tell you in advance whether he can or cannot fix, he won’t waste your time. Joe is very experienced & really knows what he is doing. He worked on my car right away. I was waiting at his body shop for about 2.5 hours. Finally, he said, “Wanna take a look?” Here the moment of truth… Voila, it was magical, the dent/crease was gone! I asked him how he did it. “Patience,” Joe replied with a smile.

Joe charged me a reasonable price, save me a lot compared if I had to go to a body shop. I didn’t get the 10% Yelp discount, but it doesn’t matter. I’m happy & satisfied with Joe’s quality of work. I highly recommend Joe Currin if you need PDR for your car. He does dent repairs for some well-known dealerships too. Save your time & money, look no further…
Thank you so much, Joe! 🙂

* PS: Please respect other’s property as much as you want others to respect yours, because karma is as real as gravity. (Just a general note for all Yelpers out there) ~ Peace & Love ~

Anna L.
San Jose, CA

These guys rock! They removed two door dings(really one was a good sized dent) one which was in a difficult spot and you really can’t tell they were ever there. They even took care of a factory sheet metal problem and didn’t charge me for that. Also they buffed out a scratched up bumper at no cost. I was out for less then $160.

I’ll take my other vechile there soon.

k p.
Campbell, CA

I had a few dings and dents fixed here a little while back and came because the reviews were great…maybe Joe was the guy that did great work but i had another technician and made sure and asked if these little dings and dent would come out unnoticeable and he said yes…well when it was fixed the dents were out but i could still see traces of them….I read all the reviews about people bringing their classic cars and how good the work was here..I was a little unhappy by the quality of work that i got and thought that the money i paid(which wasn’t very cheap) would have given me better results…If my dings would leave a trace or little imperfections i wish i would have just been told that..i understand everyone’s standards are different but by the research i have done i think my car should have come out better…I also know dealing with customers is a pain sometimes also but i just cant recommend this shop and will not be coming back.

Jack P.
Santa Clara, CA

These guys rock! They removed two door dings(really one was a good sized dent) one which was in a difficult spot and you really can’t tell they were ever there. They even took care of a factory sheet metal problem and didn’t charge me for that. Also they buffed out a scratched up bumper at no cost. I was out for less then $160.

I’ll take my other vechile there soon.

Michael J.
Sunnyvale, CA

Our company uses Dings & Dents on a regular basis. We deal with high-end vehicles on a regular basis and our clients accept nothing less then a perfect product. Joe and his team deliver that regularly with no hassle.

I’ll be honest, there are a lot of willy nilly dent companies running around right now but time and time again, Joe comes through.

Awesome customer service and they are very flexible when it comes to giving you a hassle free experience.

:thumbs up:

Daniel N.
Santa Clara, CA

I believe great work and service deserve recognition. This is my first review on Yelp.

I just bought a new car from LA, and there was a tiny dent on the driver-side door. Unfortunately their detailing staff had gone home for the day, and I had to drive back home to the Bay Area the next day. Dealer offered to reimburse me up to a certain amount if I would get it fixed when I return home.

Well…. I called around the paint-less dent repair shops and every other place quoted me absurdly high prices. Significantly over what the dealer offered to pay.

Long story short, I found Dings & Dents on Yelp and a friendly lady asked me if I would like to come by for a quote. I did.

Joe’s starting rate was a little higher than what the dealer promised to reimburse me. (though MUCH closer than any other places I received quotes from) He didn’t just completely remove the dent in 2 minutes, but he also agreed to do the job for the amount of dealer’s reimbursement, so I don’t have to pay out of my pocket. He really didn’t have to, but he did, as a great service.

Friendly, and professional staff, and impeccable work. I was in and out in 15 minutes. I would definitely recommend this place.

Sean Y.
Pleasanton, CA

Joe is the best ding wizard that I know. He has pulled a total of 3 dings out of my car on 2 separate occasions. Two of the dings were very difficult. All of them came out looking like new. PDR will not fix every problem in every area, but if anyone can do it, Joe can. He is prompt, courteous, and offers his service at a very reasonable price. I will be going back to him with the rest of my family’s cars any time they need ding repair.

Danny N.
Santa Clara, CA

I should have taken a before and after picture of my car to show the results. Dave was very courteous and worked on my car right away ( i drove the car there on a saturday ). The dent I had was pretty interesting since it was more of a crease as a result of a fallen book shelf.

They performed the job flawlessly and even took out a few other dings of mine. I would highly recommend, AND i’m picky on who handles my cars.

Andrei O.
Walnut Creek, CA

Had them do my rims on an RX8. They made the customer color the way i wanted, and it looks great! Let me see if i have another project I can throw their way!

Lih-Chern C.
Palo Alto, CA

I highly recommend Joe Currin for auto dent repairs.

He fixed a very tricky side dent on my Mazda 3 about 6-7 months ago. It took a couple hours, but when he was done the door looked like new. Since then, I have went to him for another dent repair and even convinced a friend to get his S2000 fixed through Joe. My friend was happy with the results.

Joe’s quality of work, friendly attitude, and accommodating personality make Dings & Dents awesome!

Jason P.
Fremont, CA

I first want to say this was my second time using dingsandents. Joe is the most up front and honest man I know. He gets right to business and even makes you feel like his number one customer. I stopped by on a saturday and Joe walked over to my car and said no problem Jason That will be gone! The dent that was just put into my GT500 by some-ones door while driving out in this crazy world. Not only did he fix it, He made it like it was never there. He also pointed out some other dings I had and fixed those as well. They really make a bad day turn into a great one! Awesome customer service, Great staff and they tell you the truth right up front. This business is very special to me as its really hard to find a honest business like this one! Great Job Dingsandents! You gained a customer for life!

Thank you sooo much Joe!!!

Oh forgot to mention they even have mobile service to!


Thank you again

Jason P

b f.
San Jose, CA

Whenever we know of someone that has a small dent, we refer them to Joe at Dings & Dents. Joe answers his phone, and comes to the location of your choice at the designated meeting time. Once he sees the dent, he explains exactly what to expect for the price he quotes, and removes the dent on the spot.

Joe’s work is genius. I have, and do recommend Joe to anyone needing paintless dent removal. You’ll receive a great job at a fair price.

Jason P.
San Jose, CA

Joe of Dings & Dents is very good. He’s on time, does great work at reasonable prices.

I highly recommend him.

S G.
Campbell, CA

I took my passat to this place for a couple dents over the wheel well. the guy told me he could not make it ‘perfect’ but might be able to make it cosmetically look ok. he said he’d call me if they couldn’t fix it.

when i dropped the car off, they were not even open and it was 8:00am so I waited around for 15 min, finally two guys showed up and didn’t even greet me or the other woman who was waiting as well. took them another 10 min to open the place. i gave the guy my key and he said he’d call when they were finished.

i got a voice mail that my car was finished and that i had to get there by 5:30 as that is when they closed – the sign out front said they close at 6:00. i get there and look at my car and could not belive what a mess it was, it looked as if the paint had melted. so i walk in and no one is in the office, i walk into the garage and tell the guy i was there to get my car, he never asked what i thought about the work, he didn’t say a thing, he took my check and went back under the truck.

this is very bad business, they should have called me and said ‘we won’t be able to fix this because if we try it will look like hell’ no, they did the work anyway it looks like crap and then charged me $300 for it. just another prime example of a small business hungry for money but could give a crap about the quality of work.

i would never ever give this place business again.

Eddie C.
Campbell, CA

My wife’s 2 year old BMW, she goes away on biz trip, so I drive car and of course I am a victim of a shopping mart hit and run. Nice big fat dent on passenger side. I am thinking BMW, and this will be thousands.
Nope, went to Dings and Dents and he estimate $250, and it would take a couple hours. When he was done, it look as good as new. I told him I found him on Yelp and promised I would put a good review in and its been 2 months but I still can’t get over what a great job he did.

Timothy W.
Sunnyvale, CA

His work is pretty amazing. I brought my car to my body shop after an small accident and they had the PDR guy from Dings and Dents take a look at it. The result was great. From a distance I can’t even tell my fender had been completely bent in and crinkled. Up close with my face one foot away, it’s about 95% fixed which is great for the price and no need for repaint! I highly recommend this PDR shop.

Phong Q.
San Jose, CA

I have to HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dings & Dents for all of your dents repair.

I worked with Joe Currin and he is very professional. I had a dent on my brand new Audi S5. The location of the dent was a bit tricky to get to, but Joe was able to work his magic and got it out. He’d also pointed out another little dent that was near by. After the repair, he wanted to to go back to his shop to get the repaired area polish. I came to his shop a week later and now my car is perfect again.

I am a very satisfying customer. Joe took the time to explain everything to me. His attention to detail is just superb. I can’t say enough about his professionalism and his work.

Logan A.
Brookdale, CA

Joe is a great down to earth guy. I contacted via telephone with a description of my dents, and he was able to give me an extremely competitive quote compared to body shops (and do just as good a job – keep reading).

Now, don’t start thinking that “Joe” is just some guy that doesn’t know what he’s doing. This guy is the dude that a local professional body shop(also very highly rated) calls when they need dents removed (he’s an independent contractor)

ANYWAYS…i went to his place and the work was terrific – took under an hour. The cost in the end was about 1/3 what i would have paid for HIM to do it at the body shop. Have a dent? CALL JOE. (he’s also mobile)

Summary: good work, low price, quick service, great guy. his assistant is also a cool guy too.


Arion P.
San Jose, CA

Somehow my original review was removed.. here it is…

I dinged the rounded edge of the fairing of my brand new Vespa the day after I got it. I called around and other shops didn’t want to take my business because of the difficulty of the repair and their inexperience on bikes and scoots. Joe at Dings and Dents set honest and realistic expectations about the repair, which he exceeded. The dings are gone and my Italian beauty looks great. The repair was $200, but considering the amount of labor Joe put into it and the final result, I think I got a good deal.

Tim M.
Santa Clara, CA

I have been using Dents & Dings for years and they always do an excellent job. No job is too tough for the owner, Joe, who personally does much of the work. Recently I brought him one of my collector cars and the results were outstanding. In fact the car looked so good it placed and won an award at this year’s prestigious international Italian car show in Monterey, Ca! In short these guys are real craftsmen that care as much about your car as you do. You can’t go wrong with Dents & Dings.

Iris G.
San Jose, CA

I finally bought my dream car, a 2008 Lexus 350, and managed to dent the lift gate not once, but twice, while backing out of our garage. The first time I went the insurance/bodyshop route and the entire lift gate had to be replaced, to the tune of $$$$ and an additional $$$ because of the special paint, which increased our premiums. After denting it the second time, although not as badly as the first, I thought any body shop could take the dents out. Heck, I thought I could do it myself, and managed to make it even worse.

The bodyshop I went to said they didn’t have the equipment to fix a dent like that and the entire lift gate would have to be replaced – again. This was out of the question on our budget, since I didn’t dare tell the insurance company. While I was waiting for the manager to finish with a customer, hoping for a magic solution to present itself, I read through all of his copies of the Prieta Post, a porsche club newsletter, and found an article in Nov. 2008 that described this “dent whisperer”, Joe Currin, and his company, Dings and Dents. It was the first time I heard about PDR (paintless dent repair) and instantly knew this was the guy to fix my car. The article described how he’d spent 19 years as a “body” man and 7 years with DentPro before spending a couple years as a journeyman tech traveling b/w Calif. and Florida to learn more from some of the best in the business. I contacted him and he offered to come out and take a look at the car to see if he could fix it on the spot. Unfortunately, the dents were bigger than a tennis ball and my handiwork made it more difficult, as he pointed out (without being patronizing or laughing at me). He didn’t know if he could get it completely repaired but promised that it would look much better than it did. I took the car in (actually dropped it at his house which is located near his business because it was on a Sunday) two days ago and received it back tonight. To say that I am pleased would be a great understatement. The car looks as good as new to me, although he said that in the daylight the spot that I whacked might be more discernable. But the other dents were completely erased. My husband called him a true artist. I am thrilled that not only did I save a ton of money, but also time, since it took over a week to get my car back after the first incident

I am proud to honor him with five stars and to refer anyone who is looking for an alternative to high-priced autobody shops to give him a call first. He is honest and completely reliable and his prices are totally reasonable. I just hope that I won’t be calling him again any time soon.

fiena v.
Campbell, CA

Went to Joe to fix the bumper on my Mazda Rx8, I just called him and emailed him pictures of the bumper, and he gave me a quote. Price was fair, charged me exactly what he quoted, and he did a great job! Looked like nothing ever happened to it. Joe also was very punctual, drop-off & pick-up exactly as agreed. Very happy with the service.

Adam B.
Stockton, CA

Joe and his assistant did a great job on my 91 325i. They exceeded my expectations of fixing a nice size ding that was touching the crease of the door. They also fixed some dings I overlooked. I’m very satisfied with their work and would reccomend them highly.

Ann B.
Raleigh, NC

Joe pulled a large dent out of our brand new Infiniti G35 that had been hit, and we are very pleased with his work, professionalism, and friendly nature. Would take our car there again in a heartbeat.

Adam B.
Stockton, CA

Joe and his assistant did a great job on my 91 325i. They exceeded my expectations of fixing a nice size ding that was touching the crease of the door. They also fixed some dings I overlooked. I’m very satisfied with their work and would reccomend them highly.

Patrick B.
Colorado Springs, CO

A year ago I was in CA visiting family and someone ran into my car. I went to Dings and Dents and Joe pulled the dent out of my car. It took maybe 20 minutes. Will I must have a target on the back of my car because last week I was back out in CA visiting family and someone didn’t put the emergency brake on in there car and their car rolled out and hit my car. I looked up Dings and Dents again and stopped by Joe wasn’t in but Mike took care of me and again I was in and out in no time at all. Thanks Mike for taking care of me.

Casey H.
Tracy, CA

Everyone here is always so nice, informative, and genuinely invested in getting your car back to you in tip top shape. Pricing is more than fair.

This is my main auto BODY shop, because they are awesome. Here is why:

1) They are so respectful, polite, friendly, and they NEVER treat women as anything less than intelligent, valued customers. BIG PLUS!

2) Their prices are always competitive, and they stick by their quotes. They do not try to sell you anything you don’t need.

3) Their work is fast (dented Front end, hood, bumper, crash bar, Paint ect., all finished in less than 5 days) and really well done.

4) They never made me feel bad for having an older car.

5) Great work, great prices, and friendly and respectful manners have made us into loyal customers.

Thank you Joe, we Love our clean undented Honda! 🙂

Mr B.
Scotts Valley, CA

I want to take the time to say “thank you” to the staff at Dings & Dents. I was referred to them by a large dent removal chain who would not take on my job – a vintage motorcycle fuel tank.

I called Dings & Dents and spoke with Joe. He was helpful, polite and honest. After speaking with him, I was comfortable that they would take good car of my tank, so I bought it to his place. (He offered to pick it up, but his shop is on my way home from work.) Joe uses a special jig to stabilize the tank and then starts to work his magic.

My tank had three dents varying in size. Joe quoted me a very fair price and told me his recommendations up-front, before he started the job, and let me know if there were issues I needed to be aware of. When I got my tank back, it looked perfect. He took excellent care of this irreplaceable tank and it looks fabulous.

People regularly comment on the beauty of this vintage motorcycle and when I tell them the tank, complete with its original paint and decals, was originally dented and then repaired using paintless dent removal; they can’t believe it. There is not a trace of the prior dents. I have referred many folks and have since brought other vintage motorcycle fuel tanks as well as my wife’s BMW X3 to Dings & Dents.

Joe and his team are true craftsmen who enjoy working with metal and it shows in their exceptional workmanship. Dents & Dings has always been there when I need them. They answer the phone during business hours, and promptly return calls when they are out of the office. The staff at Dents & Dings does quality work in an efficient and professional manner – I highly recommend them!

Srinath B.
Santa Clara, CA

In a word. Amazing…
I have an 2002 M5 in perfect condition. Well almost perfect until the other day. I had a piece of wood fall on the hood of my car.

I have used these guys before but i was sure even they could fix this one.

Joe actually came to my office to do his magic. After about 90 minutes i walk out to my car. I cant even find where the dent was and I even knew where to look. The amount he charged me was just not enough for his skills. I gave him a tip equal to 40% of what they charged.

When someone is as good at their job as Joe is, they need to be rewarded and recognized for their work..

Keep up the good work guys!!! Hopefully ill never visit you again 🙂

Mr H.
Saratoga, CA

This is my second time in a couple of years using their service. Joe does a great job and worked his magic on a minor dent on my black Leaf.

Great job on my Prius. Joe did a great job and I would go back in a heart beat! He takes pride in his profession.

Eli W.
Los Altos, CA

I usually do not write reviews, but this service was too good not to. I stupidly backed into my wife’s car, and the estimate from the local body shop was $1370. After reading Yelp reviews, I called Dings and Dents and two other paintless repair shops. The other two refused to even give an estimate based on the pictures I sent, and said the damage was too big to be fixed by them.

Dings and Dents also said that they could not fix the dent paintlessly, but gave me a great estimate to fix it the old fashioned way. When I got there, I had them estimate how much to take out about 6 dings on the side. The total estimate to repair the collision damage, replace the tail light, and fix all the dings was about half the original estimate from the body shop. I said go ahead, and boy am I glad. You cannot even tell that there was ever any damage at the collision point, but also all the dings are gone and you cannot tell that they were ever there.

If I ever have any more body work to be done, I will be sure to call Dings and Dents first thing.

Patrick C.
San Jose, CA

I just bought a used Tahoe that came with 3 small dents in it. I yelped ‘dent repair’ and Dings & Dents came up and had great reviews. I would have to agree with that.

The estimate was fast and friendly from the woman in the office (sorry forgot her name) and an appointment was set up for the repair to be done at my house. It was nice to know I didn’t have to take my car in and wait around for it.

Joe L. called the morning of the appointment to confirm, and then showed up on time (if not a bit early) and that was great to see. He assessed the dents, explained to me what he was going to do, and went right to work. About an hour later, all the dents were fixed and you couldn’t even tell where they once were. He was a nice guy, and got the job done.

I am very happy with my experience at Dings & Dents. In fact, I took it there this morning again because I got another door ding and Joe (the owner) fixed it right there on the spot in about 20 minutes.

Pricing is reasonable as well.

I would definitely recommend Dings & Dents to anyone. If I need to (and hopefully I don’t) I will definitely be going back here.

Prashanth C.
Santa Clara, CA

Hey guys.This is my first review on Yelp. I happened to read a lot of reviews on Dings & Dents before getting there. I had a somewhat difficult dent on my new Altima, but Joe’s brother did a good job to fix it. Totally worth the money. They quote a reasonable price and do a great job. If you are first timer, then this is the place to be. There are plenty of dent fixers on craiglist promising cheaper costs, but majority of them inflate it.

sean s.
Cupertino, CA

I have a damaged fender from flying rock. I get an estimate based on the review at Yelp here. The price is reasonable. My car is fixed in 3 days including the paint job. Nice work!

Doug R.
Los Gatos, CA

After backing my pride and joy 993 Porsche into my daughter’s car I immediately went to Joe Currin at Dings and Dents to see if he could at least make the 6″ scar on my rear fender less noticeable. The crease was about 1/2″ deep and a deep scratch was evident down in the bottom.
Well, Joe didn’t just make it better, he made it completely disappear! That’s why I keep going back to Joe – he takes his time and in this case after the crease was gone color sanded until it was absolutely like it never happened.
I am very picky and Joe is a perfectionist, so we get along great. If you need the best work on your ride, go see Joe, he’s a straight shooter, demands that you are satisfied and always does his best and his price are more then reasonable.

David S.
San Jose, CA

Extremely satisfied. I did my homework first and got several estimates and chose Dings & Dents because they not only had the best rating on yelp but were cheaper and faster than the competitors. The work looks great too! I would definitely use these guys again!

Roger S.
Los Gatos, CA

Excellent work. Excellent pricing. Excellent service. Have used them three times( I am a sucky driver) and they are great.

Niladri R.
San Jose, CA

I had a couple of dings on the doors of my BMW 530i – nothing much for people who do paint-less dent repair, BUT I had a real humdinger of a dent at the edge of my trunk-lid, where the metal was sharply dented and creased right where the lid bends 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical. Dave at Dings & Dents Campbell did a wonderful job of repairing it. I can still see the imperfections, but that is because I know what to look for. I seriously doubt anyone else would notice anything amiss. I am very pleased with the workmanship. Dave tells me it can be made perfect if it is sanded down and touched up with paint. I’m coming back later to get it done. I have some experience with what it costs to get dents out, and I’d say their rates are very reasonable.

Winnie S.
San Jose, CA

Joe was referred to me by Blake of B2 Body Shop. He said that Joe does a decent job for dents and that, the guy’s business is really trustworthy. True to his word I got the best service and results for the fist-sized dent that my car had. Joe and Dave really made a great job restoring my car. And guess what, it’s paint-less restoration! I will definitely come back and I have recommended the business to my friends.

Tim H.
Santa Clara, CA

I took my Chevy Colbalt to Joe and Dave at Dings and Dents. I had to sharp dents on my rear fender of my car. They told me that they were difficult dents to do. But they said they could do them. I had taken it to a couple of other companies and they told me it had to go to the body shop. Since they were so deep. They got the dents out and you can not tell. I told them they could use the pictures for the web site. They put them on here. If I have anymore dents I will be going back to them and no one else.

Vivian N.
San Jose, CA

Amazing! I had about a 2 in. dent located on the passenger door. I took my car the the dealer to see it was possible to get a repair. The dealer took a look at my dent and told me that it would be costly to do it the traditional way at the dealer and recommended Joe Currin, and his business for the task. I immediately called him the next day and he drove to my location and fixed the dent on the spot! The result of his work is amazing and flawless, hes extremely professional and defiantly knows what he is doing.

Kelly B.
Colorado Springs, CO

I am from Colorado and was traveling threw Santa Clara, they were doing road work. Some rocks hit my car and left a few dents. I looked on Yelp and found Joe with Dings and Dents. He did a great job. Very professional came to my hotel and fixed the dents right away. Would have him fix my car in a heart beat, Thank you.

Jyrki Y.
Saratoga, CA

I accidentally dinged somebodys Toyota in the parking lot with my door. The driver came up with a quote of some $1500 for a full bodywork. I called Joe who showed up at the parking lot and half an hour later the ding was totally fixed, the other party was happy and Joe charged me a mere $80. On top of that he was courteous and accepted credit card. Heading today to his shop to have my Audi and Mercedes dings done.

Cant get better than that.

Steve D.
Sunnyvale, CA

I was in the garage grabbing my golf clubs from a shelf when my clumsiness finally got the best of me. My golf bag slips out of my hands and I hear BLAM! A large board of hard wood hits the back of my truck’s tailgate. The golf clubs were holding the board in place as it leaned against my garage. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Two big dents the size of golf balls marred my brand new truck’s finish. Great. I haven’t really driven the think and already it has dings. Sigh. I knew the body shop would want an arm and a leg to repair this. I did some research for paintless dent repair and came across these guys. Boy, am I glad I did. The Tech came out and looked at my car. He gave me a great estimate. Forty-five minutes later my truck is ready and there is NO trace of any dents, dings, or anything. I am convinced. PDR is the best alternative to auto body and paint work. Hopefully, I will not need to return here, but if I get a ding or dent, I will.

Frank M.
Santa Clara, CA

I have know Joe Currin for a few years now, he has worked to remove my dings on all my cars and I have had some big ones, Joe is a master at his job, No one touches my car but him, He is a very nice person to do business with, Friendly and very professional. I have gone to his shop and he has also come to my house to do the work, He stands behind his work.
I would recommend Joe to remove your dents

Thank-you Joe

Scott C.
Milpitas, CA

Joe, at Dings and Dents fixed a few dents on my Toyota that came out perfect! His prices are fair, and Joe’s work is second to none. I would not
take my car’s to anyone else. Thanks again Joe.

Dan N.
Milpitas, CA

got a huge 12×12 inch dent on the back of my mazdaspeed 3. He gave me a good estimate of the price and he delivered. He was on time and is price was fair. It took only a couple of hours It looks like nothing ever happened. It’s completely new. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a dent repaired.

Otis M.
San Jose, CA

I had Joe at Dings and Dents remove a small one inch dent last year and though I would see if he could remove a large dent from the bumper cover. I did check with body shops and they could only replace the cover with a new one. I called Joe and made an appointment. The work was outstanding and only cost half of what it would have been at a body shop.

Arnold F.
Tracy, CA

Joe is the man….
He fixed my 2003 Protege5’s door dents ( size of grapefruit in both rt doors) and wow after all its done, I can’t even tell that door was ever dented. He also fixed the dings on my wife’s 2007 Mercedes Benz C-class. He came out to my work and he did all the repairs on site. I will say it again, Joe is the man and highly recommend him for any dings and dents. I shopped around before I met Joe and his price is very competative. His also done some excellent work on my family’s Prius and E-Class Benz…
Joe is great and honest man and will definetely use his service again.

Susan B.
San Jose, CA

Great Job done by Joe. He came to where I live, took his time, made sure it was fixed to original condition, looked beautiful when he was finished. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know. Nice to know there are still people who want to do a great job for you, and take good care of you.
Joe has made a customer for life!

Liam F.
Santa Clara, CA

This was my first experience with dent removal. I just bought my first nice car. It’s a used BMW and in addition to the normal parking lot dings it had a large dent right at the door handle level. Someone must have really opened their door quite hard to leave such a dent or perhaps a shopping cart came in at an angle. I loved my new car but I cringed when I saw that big dent. It was really detracting from the beauty of my new BMW. I heard from a friend that Joe at Dings And Dents was a wizard at removing dents so I gave him a call. He arranged to complete the dent repair at my workplace so I didn’t need to worry about arranging a drop off. Joe is a professional and walked me through the process. He took time to explain what he would do and set expectations about paintless dent removal. He quoted me a very reasonable price that included some minor dings that I didn’t even notice at first. Joe was finished in a couple of hours. I couldn’t believe what I saw, or I guess I didn’t see. The big dent was gone. Joe had to point out where it was because I couldn’t even find the spot. My car looks great. Joe is an old fashioned craftsman who takes obvious pride in his work. I recommend Dings and Dents to my friends whenever the subject of door dings comes up.

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