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The Great Auto Paint

At The Great Auto Paint, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of auto paint repair and quality. With over ten years of experience, we offer convenient and efficient services for restoring damaged bumpers from our auto shop.

Serving the South Bay Area, our auto paint and bumper repair service is a suitable solution for clients who like to save time and money. Our efficient, friendly and professional technicians work with the highest quality paint materials to ensure accurate color matching and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Green Business Certification:

The Great Auto Paint mobile auto painting service is a green certified business through Anew America’s Green Business Certification Program. We use only PPG brand water-based paint wich reduces contamination of the enviroment when compared to solvent paint. Going green with PPG’s and Standux waterborne automotive paint system is easy-and you won’t sacrifice performance or quality.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduces Production of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Improves air quality
  • Promotes heath and safety of employees
  • Achives performance and quality
  • Meets or exceeds all EPA standards

The Great Auto Paint provides a new type of service characterized by:

  • High quality paint-Plastic bumpers can be restored in hours to factory conditions without sacrificing quality due to the use of the highest quality paint material in the industry.
  • Repair services- Unlike other body shop business who immediately replace the bumper, we fix even if the plastic bumpers are damaged from a scuff,puncture,scrape,hole,tear,crack or scratch,the damage can be fixed.
  • Replacement services -if the original bumper cannot be repaired, it can be replaced in one day with pre-ordered parts.
  • Accurate color matching and complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you would like a free estimate you can stop by our shop or use our submission form on the right side of this page. Be sure to include your best contact information and up to two photos, if you have them.